Barbell Club

Weightlifting workshops/Sessions

Free for full members

During the workshop new lifters will be taught and existing lifters will be observed to help them improve technique if necessary.

Why not get fitter? Prior to the workshop you are invited to join in TotalFit group session – a HIIT or Metabolic Conditioning session. It is the training that too many good weightlifters do not include in their sessions.

Make a strong and mobile core the centre of your body’s universe

Be strong – look good – feel good.   Get fit to be who you want to be

Barbell Club


5.30 – 6.30 TotalFit

6.30 – 7.30 Lifting Technique workshop

Your only cost – The Stoneleigh Barbell Club Tee shirt – £12.

You can buy it when the Instructor gives you a positive assessment

When you have the Tee shirt people will know you can lift properly


5.30 – 7.30 a friendly competitive Barbell Club session


Let’s have some energetic and quality technique competition + fun!

Max group size for all sessions – 8. Please book at office or email



An athletic based program for everyone – every age, every level of fitness – who wants to be fitter, faster, more agile, better balance, better flexibility and have more stamina.


A sustainable lifestyle improvement program devised by professionals who involve you in developing the best for you