toneleigh Fit has a range of classes to suit all skills and experience. We are a Quality indoor facility on a great outdoors location to provide fitness for all sportsmen, lifestyle trainers and youngsters.
Whoever you are you can train here like an athlete, with the intensity to suit your personal targets We have over 80 years experience – 4 generations of fitness professionals – the complete fitness experience!
Do it all here! – Boot camp, Circuits, OCR training, Olympic and Power Lifting, CrossFit, Swim and great Rehab

LifeFit – easy start classes with a huge variety of activities. Gym exercises combine with boot camp exercises, with ball games and with running. The focus is to help you find exercise you enjoy and how to do it for maximum lifestyle fitness benefit. Improve mobility, flexibility and strength around the most important joints in the body, especially, neck, back, hips and knees. LifeFit combines very well with Yoga and Pilates.

NEW! – AdultFit – over 40’s need exercise they can enjoy so they will keep it up. At Stonelighfit’s Adultfit classes you will exercise and really enjoy it. If you don’t – you dont pay! Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30 – 10.30am.  We believe in what we do so you pay at the end of the week. £8 per week

NEW! – Ladies Club – send hubby to work, drop the kids off and come and enjoy finding out that gyms can be really good fun – at least gyms like Stoneleighfit can be! Tuesday and Thursday 9.30 – 10.30am.  £6 per week. Don’t pay if you dont enjoy it

TotalFit – LifeFit trainers can move into serious metabolic conditioning with TotalFit. METCON and HIIT (high intensity interval training) based programs are managed in such a way that you can work together in a group without individual compromise. This is serious bodyweight training plus Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Power Sleds. We also involve primal movement and boxing / martial arts exercise

NEW! TotalFitPlus – TotalFit plus weightlifting.An exhausting fitness session that involves weightlifting. To join TotalFitPlus you must first attend a Stoneleigh Barbell Club technique monitoring class

Stoneleigh Barbell Club – weightlifting workshops.Once a week we engage the services of our weightlifting technique guru Chris Ross. He is there to monitor lifters or to instruct new lifters.

RamFit – TotalFit for OCR – plus extra methods to strengthen obstacle techniques and running performance for Obstacle Course runners. Tuesday 5.30pm and Saturday 9.30am


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