Schedule of LifeFit Programs and registration


sustainable lifestyle improvement program devised by professionals who involve you in developing the best for you

Healthcare professionals, Nutrition specialists and Fitness professionals combine to develop for you a program of NUTRITION CONTROL AND EXERCISE that can work safely with your current health and fitness condition. It will improve your lifestyle fitness. With you we will develop a program you will enjoy undertaking and is practical in your daily life – i.e sustainable

Our consultants are the best – all are fitness professionals as well as having their specialities. They work with elite sportsmen who have energy and body form of a kind that is not out of your reach – just aim for the right level for you with a confident and ambitious mind set to help you get there

FACILITIES – perfect for purpose – to find the exercise you can really enjoy


Indoors – a gym full of so many exercise options you can no longer say “I don’t like gyms”. You will find indoor exercise to enjoy. We have great weightlifting facilities but most LifeFit candidates will find the answer in our Functional training room where the possibilities are endless. Here is one of our lunchtime groups that has a recent new mother, two newcomers and some who have been coming for more than three years and are very fit. All face the usual problems associated with sedentary jobs. Our methods enable groups to train together but everyone to their correct personal level. We have fun!

Outdoors – 800 acres of Stoneleigh Park’s nature and the National Agricultural Exhibition Centre. Very difficult not to find enjoyable outdoor exercise in these safe and interesting surroundings.

This shows an interesting 3km circular walk or jog from the gym – but the possible routes and outdoor activities are endless especially if your stay is at the time of one of the numerous events or exhibitions. These grounds host several Ram Runs – Obstacle Course Running events. Take a look at especially the photo gallery – thousands are entering these events, not to race but for fun, and they discover they are doing things they never imagined they could do and enjoying great whole body exercise polishing their self esteem! Who knows? You might just find you like mud!



for you to develop with us


PLATINUM – the 11 night program – Monday am to Friday afternoon 12 days later. 11 nights stay £1550 You will leave with your own program already seeing how much it is working for you

GOLD – the 5 night program – Friday evening to Wednesday evening, 5 nights stay £900                             You will leave with your own program and you will already be feeling a significant difference

ACCOMMODATION FOR PLATINUM AND GOLD PROGRAMS – twin rooms in Stoneleigh Park’s excellent Lodge, the 4* hotel next to Stoneleighfit Gym


INTENSIVE – the one day program

A very full day starting with a Health MOT. We then help you find nutrition and exercise that is good for you and that you can enjoy. You will try out as much as is possible in a single day – no miracles but you will at least know the route you are on.

Maximum 6 participants in one day. Individuals £250. Book as Group of 3 – £600


DOWNLOAD – full informations of the instructors and the program

Schedule of LifeFit Programs and registration



Develop your strength, speed, power, agility, quickness, cordination, balance, hand eye coordination, peripheral vision – all the attributes he needs to improve his sports performance.


Learn Olympic weightlifting and Power Lifting.  Weighlifting Workshops – for beginners and improvers – free to members.Monday – 6pm to 7.00pm * One lift each week *