otalFit is an athletic based program for everyone – every age, every level of fitness – who wants to be fitter, faster, more agile, have better balance, have better flexibility and have more stamina. Could that be you? All physical activity is based around walking, running, jumping, pushing, pulling, throwing, climbing, crawling – the primal movements of our long ago ancestors

TotalFit classes take place every weekday at 12.30 and Monday – Thursday at 5.30. Free to Stoneleighfit members. The most variable and best fitness producing sessions you are likely to engage in – weights, bodyweight, primal, gymnastic, med balls, kettlebells, stretch, SAQ, boxercise, spin, row, core specific. – numbers are limited to 15 when training inside the new indoor rig designed specifically for METCON – metabolic conditioning training program –

Functional training – it just means training in a way that is fit for your purpose.
Understand the purpose – what you want to achieve by training – and train to achieve it.

REMEMBER – a very important piece of Fitness Equipment is our Body!

Bodyweight exercises enable cardio vascular training, aerobic training, muscular strength training, muscular endurance training, power training, metabolic conditioning.


However, the right kind of equipment enables you to take it further and adds huge variety.
At StoneleighFit you have it all – all the best equipment options and the greatest variety of exercise possibilities.

We use equipment that will encourage you to challenge yourself naturally and with greater benefit – the best way forward for everybody. We program intensity to suit your goal. You learn correct techniques and we are ready to help any time you want it. For sportsmen and lifestyle improvers we have explosive strength programs and muscular strength endurance programs preparing you for the intensity of metabolic conditioning


Every Weekday


Monday – Thursday




A sustainable lifestyle improvement program devised by professionals who involve you in developing the best for you


We believe in free weights. Lifting weights with correct technique improves performance and avoids injury. Stoneleigh Barbell Club Workshops will help polish up your technique.