otalFitPlus – TotalFit sessions are very demanding but are safe sessions for inexperienced or no experience weight lifters. TotalFitPlus demands still more

TotalFitPlus is TotalFit based but with the addition of intensive weight lifting in the METCON based sessions


You cannot join a TotalFitPlus class until your weightlifting capabilities have been assessed as adequate for weightlifting in an intensive, explosive and very physically demanding session


Experienced lifters can be assessed very quickly by the Stoneleigh Barbell Club Performance Director – Chris Ross


Inexperienced or new weightlifters can join the Stoneleigh Barbell Club sessions – free to Stoneleighfit members. Why not combine TotalFit with the Stoneleigh Barbell Club sessions and move into TotalFitPlus when you are ready for it – that is a great target



TotalFitPlus sessions take place in the METCON RIG that has great individual space for the weightlifting and floor exercises. The rig is equipped with barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, med balls, suspension straps, resistance bands, punchbags, gym rings, monkey bars, pull up bars, ropes, poles – the result is sessions of huge variety that do not allow your body to get used to the same group of exercises time after time. It makes it tougher, but also more fun


TotalFitPlus – a program to develop explosive power, speed, agility, confidence for sportsmen and a ripped body for Lifestyle fitness improvers

TotalFit Plus

Tuesday & Thursday


Tuesday & Thursday


Tuesday & Thursday